common bond

We are a small group church! Our small groups are called "Common Bond" and meet at various times on Sunday. Each group is designed for people to connect in a meaningful way with other believers. During Common Bond, groups will have time for Bible study, prayer and fellowship. Every group is a little different; some share a meal each week, some welcome children while others are adults only, and some are more service oriented. There is a group for everyone and we encourage you to find a small group to connect with. For those who prefer, there is a group that meets at the church building each week on Sundays at 6pm. Communion is offered at the church building. Please contact the church office for a complete listing of where Common Bond is meeting throughout our community.

Common Bond Survey

Click here to access the Common Bond survey. Please print and return the completed form to Jeff Simpson, Vic Pruett or Bill Netterville by August 26.  We will also have printed forms available at the Information Booth.  If you have questions, you can email Jeff at This survey is for members only please.