What is a worship service at holly hill like?

Location - We have Sunday morning worship at 10:30 held in the Worship Center. Feel free to sit wherever you would like.

Music - The music is arranged and directed by our worship leader. Our music is a- cappela (or without instruments). We believe you will be amazed and inspired by the blending of voices in worship and praise to God. The words of the songs will be projected on the screens at the front of the Worship Center. The music can also be found in the songbooks.

Preaching - In worship, the sermon message will speak of God's activity today. Our preaching minister will bring the Word of God to life in relevant teaching for our lives today. You can expect to learn the stories of faith and be challenged to engage our contemporary world for God.

Prayer - The congregation participates in thoughtful, public prayers to God through the name of Jesus Christ.

  Scripture - Our worship time often includes public reading of a portion of the Bible as a means of encouraging the believers and listening to God.

  Lord's Supper (Communion) - Each Sunday we celebrate the death and life of Jesus at the table. By eating bread and drinking grape juice in this community meal, we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We have Communion kits available in the foyer. Please take one on your way into the auditorium. The bread and grape juice that are served symbolize to us the body and blood of Jesus' sacrifice.

Offering - Each week we also give our members the opportunity to return to God a gift of thanks for what He has done for us. These gifts are used to support the work of the Holly Hill church in order to provide physically and spiritually for those who are in need. As our guest, we do not expect you to give.

Invitation - Each week following the sermon an invitation is extended to anyone who has a need. Your response may include private prayer with an elder or minister. The response may be a request for public prayer or to confess faith and put Jesus on through baptism. A desire to become a member at Holly Hill can also be made known at this time.

What will be expected of me when I attend? We invite you to participate in whatever capacity you feel comfortable. If you would like to simply observe the service, that is absolutely acceptable. If, on the other hand, you feel comfortable joining us in singing, prayer, eating the Lord's supper meal that is served, or responding to the invitation, we encourage you to do that. At times during the service, we may stand for a song, prayer or scripture. Feel free to do what you feel comfortable doing. While we encourage our members to participate in the offering, we do not expect our guests to make a gift. If you do have a gift that you would like to make, you are welcome to do so.